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The holiday of a life time – our gulet adventure in the Dodecanese Greek Islands was without a doubt our favourite family trip. The comfort and beauty of the gulet, the incredibly caring crew, the delicious food, the history we learned from our competent and friendly leader, along with the stunning beauty of the islands. Swimming in the most gorgeous coves, kayaking on crystal blue waters, hiking around ruins and into small remote villages and relaxing on the boat… it was the best trip ever.

Bharti, CA, USA

We had the most remarkable family tour with Peter Sommer Travels. Not only everything was perfect, but we felt, in every instance, that our guides and our gulet crew truly cared about us, both the kids and adults, and did their best to make this trip memorable. For our well-traveled children (aged 9 and 6) this definitely has become the most eye-opening, adventurous, and stunning journey of their life – something they will remember, draw upon, and cherish for many years to come. For adults, we were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our trip: from neolithic archaeological sites to medieval castles, from swimming to get obsidian to talks on board of our wonderful gulet, from ever-changing and filled with surprises meals offered on board to culinary experiences on the shore, every island and every new activity offered new experiences. We definitely will be back!